Owners of Palm Beach Post wave white flag, want conservative site

The news is out, and it’s stunning. Even in the publishing industry, just desserts can have their day in the sun.

Evidence has emerged that The Palm Beach Post is slipping further in circulation and influence. It’s scrambling to be competitive, even as its credibility wanes among its readership.

According to a recent report, The Post’s owner, Cox Media Group, is launching a “news website for conservative audiences.” It’s “rooted in the South” and seeks to be the “voice for heartland conservatives.”

Drink that in for a moment.

OK, OK, tone down the chortling.

What we have here is delicious irony. The same paymasters for Post Editorial Page Editor Randy Schultz and his crew are creating a new online news organization that will serve up a brand of news and insight that will be the very opposite of the liberal claptrap put out over the years by the Schultz crowd, and sometimes in the news sections.

Just as relevant is Cox’s non-stated admission that it has missed the boat, that a massive market for conservative news exists. In Palm Beach County, this is a market of perhaps 40 percent or more of the population the Post has ignored or thumbed its nose at for 25 years.

As online writer Jose Lambiet notes, “It is a stunning reversal for Cox [which has] turned off thousands of conservative readers.”  Lambiet, a former Post columnist, goes on to point out that this rejection of conservative readers “translated into steep declines in circulation and influence, and therefore revenues.”

This news must be a bitter pill for Schultz to swallow. It can be persuasively argued that Schultz is a being from a former age, an anachronism of the 1960s counterculture. He grew up in, but never grew out of, an era when journalism schools preached the evils of the “military-industrial complex” and laid out the mantra that business owners were the greedy enemy and predator of the poor little consumer. Schultz got hooked and has marched to that drummer all his years at The Post.

Cox’s move to target a conservative audience validates what BizPac Review is all about, and it confirms that BPR and other conservative sites are making headway against The Post’s liberal political agenda.

John R. Smith

John R. Smith is chairman of BIZPAC, the Business Political Action Committee of Palm Beach County, and owner of a financial services company.


  • Commadorable

    It's a little late now after you helped throw the election to Obama and Murphy with your liberal lies. People all over the country are dumping the biased liberal media!

    • melanie kremkau

      i SO agree!!!!!!!!!

  • JGP

    Frankly, I don't want to see a "conservative" news source or a "liberal" news source–just a balanced news source. When I first moved to Florida from the northeast, I subscribed to The Palm Beach Post and was amazed to find that there didn't even appear to be even a veiled attempt at objectivity. And let me say that prior to moving to FL, I subscribed to the Boston Globe and the NY Times Sunday edition so it's not like I was comparing the Post to The Washington Times. Needless to say, I subsequently cancelled my subscription to the Post.

  • BocaBubba

    I say let them go under. Both the Post & the Sentinel have done more damage to conservative candidates than any other media in the area. Why help them survive and then let them turn their back on conservatives in the future, look what they did over time to Allen West ! Let them apply for a bailout from DC thru Murphy !

  • Don N.

    Just as importantly, the businesses that collectively spend millions of dollars on advertising in the Post mistakenly believe that many of us are looking at their products and services. When they finally understand they can direct their budgets to other media, there will be a real death spiral at that rag.

  • http://facebook Floyd

    Yeah, right! once a commi/libral always a libral. It may just be a frount, a dog and pony show, more smoke and mirrors.

  • Debbie Mullis

    They only want the conservatives' money. It's a game with the liberals as they seem to be all about public brainwashing to mass the groups. 2014 will be when they support socialism and dump the free market again. I would never fall for their tricks.

  • http://none BGH222

    I agree with JGP 100%. We cancelled the Ocala Star Banner several years ago because of the bias mostly on the National side. When people try to tell me that the news does not take sides I ask just one question … How many of our troops were killed today in Afghanistan? When Bush was in office that number was on every news cast, every day and frequently updated during the day. Just fair reporting would be appreciated.

    • Dmitry

      Great point!

  • Jim Hegarty

    Over the years I have cancelled my subscriptions and then renewed them for mostly business purposes. I remember when it was the "Post" (liberal) in the AM and "Times" in the PM (conservative). Cerabino is funny but liberally nuts. The editorial page is finally leaning towards the middle ground (sometimes). I was amazed when they didn't endorse in the presidential race. I guess that was the clue that they were seeing their demise

  • Charlotte

    What we really need is unbiased TRUTH. What is "fair" is not the same for liberals as it is for conservatives. Our perceptions are different; and, what we really need is some really solid, well researched, FACTUAL reporting!

  • Big Dem

    The true insult in this is not how stupid The Post is in doing this, but how stupid The Post thinks WE are in hoping we buy into this obvious ploy. The Post is about to die the well-earned suicidal death it has brought on itself and in a desperate bid for life support, it proposes this foolish adventure in the mistaken belief those of us who are not True Believers (read the book by Eric Hoffer) will fall for this ploy. I quit buying The post years ago after 20+ years of home subscription and recently even quit viewing their website version intentionally to keep their "hits" down so their ad revenue would shrink. As Alan Grayson, D-Fla, famously said on the US House floor, "We want you to die quickly."

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