Obama’s Thanksgiving address ruffles some feathers

Thanksgiving, as the name implies, is a time to recount our blessings over the past year and give thanks for them to God. However, some people just don’t know how to quite get into the spirit of the holiday.

John Jalsevac, writing for LifeSiteNews, noted that President Obama dropped God from his Thanksgiving address — for the fourth year in a row.

In 2009 President Obama made history when he issued the first presidential Thanksgiving proclamation that failed to directly thank God. There was an outcry, and Obama’s subsequent proclamations have made prominent mention of God.

However, as Ben Shapiro of Breitbart points out, his Thanksgiving addresses (as opposed to the proclamations), which he reads to the camera, have continued to eschew mention of God.

This year, the president said Thanksgiving is “a time to give thanks for each other, and for the incredible bounty we enjoy.”

* * *

“Today we give thanks for blessings that are all too rare in this world,” he continues. “The ability to spend time with the ones we love; to say what we want; to worship as we please; to know that there are brave men and women defending our freedom around the globe; and to look our children in the eye and tell them that, here in America, no dream is too big if they’re willing to work for it.”

It wasn’t only the president who failed to get into the spirit. As expected, the crazies from the Left felt duty bound to offer their opinion of the holiday. Here are a few examples:

Thanksgiving Tweet 1

Thanksgiving Tweet 2Although I’ll grant you that they didn’t sing “Kumbaya,” the native Americans were most definitely invited.

More examples can be found on Twitchy.com.

President Obama’s Thanksgiving address:

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  • peggy

    You are a phoney

  • ArizonaMomma

    I am so thankful for this fraud in charge. he is nothing but a socialist communist, radical muslim in every sense of the words. Those who voted for this fraud will get just what they deserve. happy Thanksgiving you jerk. As for my native American friends I apoigize for his rude remarks. What does this country have to be thankful for? Absolutely nothing as long as this fraud is at the hlem. Impeach him now for the treason his caused.



  • http://Facebook Elise Robb

    I see there is a video poste here but I will not waste any of my time to listen to more lies and not mentioning of God. All he does is Mok God but his day will come when he will hear himself say Oh My God. Any one who Moks God will suffer for that and that is for sure. Any time this Fraud talks on tv or anthing it would be a waste of our time to look at it. He most likely makes us puke with his hypocrit ways and lies.

  • Mark

    Hey lizziec who tweeted about our most racist colonialist holiday because we took this land from the Native Americans!!!! if you don't like the land you live on , then get the hell out. It is called Manifest Destiny and no that doesn't excuse it but you need to be thankful you can say the stupid things you say. Be grateful that someone like me and other soldiers fought for you to have that right you whiny ass liberal.

  • Joe Nell

    AMEN! Command central for replying sez my reply was to short so let me comment again AMEN AMEN AMEN


  • Joe Nell

    My reply was in response to ArizonaMomma & Peggy

  • http://fb Kathy Bennett

    This is nothing new to the Deceiver In Chief of how he operates!

  • Ron Jackson

    Obama may try to leave GOD out of things but since GOD made it all he is right in the middle whether Obama and his Muslim brother hood wants him there or not.

    • Adlyne Day

      He and the Muslim Brotherhood are gonna bust hell wide open!!!!!

  • James Helms

    Some people just can't get over ancient histoty (i.e., slavery, treatment of Native Americans, Civil War, etc.) and what I want to know is just how many of them even have the smarts to research the true facts. For example, the civil war was not all about freeing slaves, it was, and Abraham Lincoln would not have owned any. The civil war was mostly driven economics, I will leave it at that in hopes some of the spoutters will read something other than the movie schedule and sports page. By the way, how can I be responsible for something that occurred over 200 years ago? From the very beginning, every country on earth today was established by the strongest taking from the weak and lazy. If the weak and lazy were to get off their ass and stop whining while holding out their hand for something they didn't earn, they just might catch up. Meanwhile, they can all kiss my ass!