Take our poll: What should Allen West do now?

Allen WestLove him or hate him, Allen West has made his mark on the national political landscape over the past few years. Many of his supporters have expressed a desire to see him run for a higher office. Tell us what you think.

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  • Opal

    We need better ACROSS THE NATION BALLOT VOTING….so they CAN'T be tampered with. Maybe that could be his next platform???

    • karen whitlock

      I agree, maybe he can take up the torch to end voter fraud. Its reprehensible that so many Americans feel that our vote was stolen. We need voter id in every state; then we will see how the next election goes.

    • http://facebook sam hatt

      he should run for president. add this to your poll….

  • Joe Ryan

    He should prepare for a 2016 run for President please add this to your poll answers

  • elaine eckart

    what is needed is voter IDs. I have to use my driver's license to see a doctor, pay a phone bill in person, cash a check at a bank I used for over 20 years. At least I feel safe, even though I may not be in this country.

  • http://www.andjustice4all.org marianscirrotto

    Prepare for the 2016 Presidential race !

  • Luther Henry

    I would vote for Allen West for any office he ran for, including POTUS. He is the kind of man we need to straighten this nation out and get us back to what we used to be, the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are now being subjugated by communists and soon, muslims.. We have been overtaken by liberals, leftists and looney tunes. Only men and women like Allen West can save us from ourselves. We have met the enemy and they are us.

    • Libertylady

      Fabulous response, succinct, and most astute. Best I have seen on the web.

    • http://Firefox/Facebook Barbara Holmes

      Allen West is an asset to AMERICA And He has always been a PATRIOT of the CONSTITUTION and AMERICAN VALUES. COL. Allen West PLEASE DO NOT QUIT because America NEEDS YOU.

  • Gary Shepard

    Having a national ballot makes too much sense. You will never get the liberal left to go along with it. There won't be a way for them to CHEAT.

  • http://facebook.com Beverly

    I want him to both go on Fox AND prepare for a 2014 run.

  • Boris

    Run for the PB REC chair job?

  • http://none sam till

    I did not take your poll since I have found a job for Cong. West, Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Anyone disagree with that. In that position he can be heard as he requests the states, especially Floriday on how to conduct honest elections with competent people.

    What say you Colonel West?

  • Elaine Schiff

    we need him in DC-and have to get a majority in the Senate-. with a amjority in the Congress we can get something done before it all goes down the toilet

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